Will Perry is the CEO & CMO of REASON Agency, an eCommerce growth consultancy.
Will is dedicated to accelerating growth for eCommerce businesses through 13 years of experience and REASON’s unique optimization strategies.

Welcome to the show, Will.

  • How did you get started?
  • What is a media buyer?
  • Google was #1, then FB came, and now who are the top ad platforms?
  • Why is it that most fail when it comes to paid social ads?
  • is the FB algorithm smart enough that you can just create a campaign and let it be?
  • Why do brands jump around so much from agency to agency?
  • Do Facebook Ads still work for ecomm & info brands?
  • The need to get with TikTok Ads NOW while the going is good and the competition is low
  • How to test your TikTok & Facebook ad creative like an elite media buyer
  • How to test & scale TikTok Ads with the 3-Step TikTok CPA Reduction System
  • Split-testing best practices to produce consistent results with paid social ads
  • How lack of testing is keeping you from scaling
  • How to reduce CPA with Facebook & TikTok Ads with the Ad Variable Isolation method

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contact: will@reasonagency.co

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