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CEO of Alpha Inbound – Nigel Thomas

Nigel Thomas

Nigel Thomas, the CEO of Alpha Inbound ⦁ How did you get started?⦁ What is Alpha Inbound?⦁ You were the chief growth officer and now CEO⦁ Recently we added SMS marketing to our service list – the insights & results we got are…

Rael Lowenthal Head Of Sales at Zee, Importer of Record

Rael Lowenthal

Rael Lowenthal Head Of Sales at Zee What is an Importer of Record and how does it apply to Amazon FBA? What is Zee and what service or services does Zee offer to Amazon sellers? Why Zee, was it just because you guys…

Joe Valley Talks Aggregators and Exitpreneur #397

Joe Valley

Joe Valley is Co-Owner of Quiet Light Brokerage #1 best seller in 7 AMZ categories – The Exitpreneur Joe has 5 steps of negotiation with Aggregators What we talked about   – Every FBA business has been or is being approached by Aggregators…

CEO of BuyBoxer, Top 100 Amazon Seller, Founder of Smart Scout, and Host of Smartest Amazon Seller Podcast #396

Scott Needham

CEO of Buyboxer, a top 100 Amazon seller. Founder of Smart Scout and Host of the Smartest Amazon seller podcast. Scott Needham Scott has been here before in 2019 episode 325 so you can check that one out after if you didn’t already.Scott…

Amazon Best Seller Listers With Mac Schlesinger

Mac Schlesinger

Mac Schlesinger went from minimum wage warehouse worker to Amazon Tycoon within a few years.Mac’s Amazon journey began over 10 years ago. He started off buying discounted goods from the local shopping mall and selling it for profit online.He became fascinated by the…

Amazon Graphics With Ian Bower, founder of Graphic Rhythm

Ian Bower

Joining us today is Ian Bower, founder, and owner of Graphic Rhythm, and other businesses that revolve around design, copywriting, and Amazon marketplace selling. When Ian isn’t working, you can find him outside hiking, camping, and spending time with his wife and children.…

How Glenn Lundy Grew a Dealership 800% In Five Years

Glenn Lundy

Glenn Lundy Grew a Dealership 800% In Five Years  Glenn Lundy has 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, Glenn lead a dealership from 120 cars a month to an 800% increase in sales in five years, becoming the 2nd largest used…

Tarik Berrada Co-founder and CSO at Chez M19 an AI-Powered Advertising Technology for Amazon sellers.

Tarik Berrada Hmima

Tarik Berrada Co-founder and CSO at Chez M19 an AI-Powered Advertising Technology for Amazon sellers. Are you in Paris Tarik you are a data scientist? When did you realize you had a passion for data? How did all this get started? I see…