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Get your eCommerce questions answered by Quin on the show. Ask anything, from selling on Shopify, Amazon FBA, woocommerce and any other platform.
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Quin breaks down how to create private label products and businesses. Listen to the podcast and learn how Quin goes from zero to one hundred
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Quick Tip For Amazon FBA Sellers From Quin Amorim at QA Selling Online Podcast

Facebook Boosted Post

How to get video to your Amazon FBA listings There are 2 ways to get a video on your Amazon FBA listing. The first one is to get it uploaded by an Amazon Vendor. You can be an Amazon \seller or you can…

What Tools Do I Use For Amazon PPC

Quin AMorim Podcast

A question from Anthony about what software tools I use to automate my Amazon FBA PPC and the tool I use for multichannel management My tools of choice are PPC Scope a tool by Brian Johnson and Brian Burt The other is Sellics…

Amazon FBA SEO With Tom Buckland and Quin Amorim

Tom Buckland

Today‚Äôs guest is an Amazon SEO Consultant He is the founder of an organic SEO & Amazon marketing agency based in the UK, specializing in ranking products within Amazon & Google in some of the most difficult niches in the world.Tom Buckland Tell…

Amazon Main Picture. Can The Wine Glass Have Wine?

Quin Amorim Office shot

Luiz sent a message about the main image on Amazon. If I am selling wine glasses can I have the glass full of wine?

Why You Should Post Original Content

Quin AMorim Podcast

Why You Should Post Original Content on your social media. Copying content from influencers to your Facebook page will not make you an influencer

Get Your Amazon FBA Tax Questions Ready #242

Boss vs Leader

If you have questions related to taxes send them to If you are a Tax expert you can also use the contact form to get in touch and come on the show answer some questions. Regards Quin

My 5 Year Old Took Over The Podcast #241

My 5 Year Old Took Over The Podcast and started talking about her animal business and her food business. must listen to know more

Questions About Selling on Amazon FBA in 2019

Quin AMorim Podcast

Will Amazon FBA remain a good opportunity for new sellers in 2019

Should I sell my Amazon FBA products in the UK or the US?

United Kingdom Amazon

I live in the UK. Should I sell my Amazon FBA products in the UK or the US? The short answer is: Sell in both But in reality is, if you are starting out, start in your home market. Try things out and…

Removing Background on Product Images

online mentor

This tool will completely remove the backgrounds giving you a transparent image Clipping Magic Tool

What’s the most important skill or ability, to sell on Amazon?

Quin Amorim private label

Not talking about the best product, or the highest demand! I’m talking about thinks that you cant see or measure, like feelings. And I think it is passion for the business. Not passion for the product, because I never fall in love with…

Things to know when selling on Amazon #236

Quin AMorim Podcast

Some of the things you need to know when starting to sell private label on Amazon, or even if you have been selling online for a while

Competing With High Review Products on Amazon


The amazon listings with thousands of reviews are an indicator of huge amounts of sales, and a fierce competitor, but… there could be room. There are ways to mitigate the advantage they have. Please listen to the show

eCommerce and Amazon sellers to be guests on the Podcast

Quin AMorim Podcast

Quin is looking for guests to interview on the QA Selling Online Podcast. If you or anyone you know is selling online on any platform, please contact Quin at: Quin’s Instagram Quin’s Linkedin Thanks Ally

Running Out Of Stock on Amazon FBA #232

Amazon FBA Long Term Storage

Increasing your sale price on Amazon will reduce your conversion rate, increase your BSR and take away your sales velocity, so dont do it!

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