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What To Do When My Product Isn’t Profitable #173

Product Isn't Profitable

What To Do When My Product Isn’t Profitable #173 When you are selling online and your product isn’t profitable here is what you can do: Talk to Quin Amorim at Press that contact Quin button and leave him a message This does not have…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon FBA? #172

sell online

Do you advise me to invest in Amazon FBA, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon FBA? Consider Amazon FBA a tool for your online business. So technically you won’t be investing on Amazon FBA, but you will be investing in…

Freight Forwarder from Europe to USA | E.p. #171


Freight Forwarder from Europe to USA | E.p. #171 Europe to USA This question came from Luis in Portugal, and since the message and the reply were in Portuguese I will leave the show notes in Portuguese. Although the show is in English…

Products on the wrong Sub-Category with low BSR #170

Selling Online Quin Amorim

Products on the wrong Sub-Category with low BSR wrong Sub-Category

Selling Handmade Products Online Amazon UK #169

United Kingdom Amazon

Amazon UK Congratulations on making your own product, I always wanted to be able to make something myself. I’m guessing you are also in the Amazon Handmade program, but if you are not I highly recommend applying for it. If you are living…

How to get images for eBay/Amazon with a white background?


On Amazon, the main image is mandatory to have a pure white background, and on top of that, the product needs to take up more than 85% of the picture. How do people get professional images for their eBay/Amazon product with a white…

How Can I Get Reviews On Amazon Without Incentivizing 167

Amazon seller tools

For many years we were allowed to incentivize reviews on Amazon, but the review needed to have a disclaimer saying “I received this product in exchange for a review…” How can I get reviews on Amazon on new products without incentivized reviews? Nowadays,…

Selling on Amazon Canada – Amazon FBA Canada Storage Fees


Selling on Amazon Canada – Amazon FBA Canada Storage Fees FBA’s twice-yearly inventory cleanup is scheduled for August 15, 2018. Units that have been in a US or Amazon FBA Canadian fulfillment center for 181 to 365 days on August 15 will incur…

Can I use affiliate link from my own products with my SuperURL

Social Media

Not only double dipping but triple! The sale of your own products, algorithm trigger of Super URL and affiliate link commission! double dipping with an affiliate link and a super URL Question from Bruce

Selling on Amazon FBA listings which are no longer being used #164

Quin Amorim selling online banner

Can I sell on Amazon FBA listings which are no longer being used by companies which left the marketplace? This is not a simple yes or no answer, depending on a few things: – If you are selling the same item with the…

Amazon FBA Canada Lightning Deals Change 163

canada-flag- Podcast

Amazon FBA Canada A quick episode to explain the difference in lightning deals on Amazon FBA Canada, and how the price is less than 10% of the lightning deals in Amazon FBA Canada  

Launching with Social Media Influencers #162

top 50 social media influencers

How to launch products using Influencer marketing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube Social Media Influencers How to find Social Media Influencers that are willing to advertise your product, who to use, how to pay and how much to pay. Launching with Social Media Influencers…

All About Failing Fast With Quin Amorim #161

wrong order color

Quin Amorim explains the meaning of Failing Fast How do you fail fast, and what is the meaning of failing fast? In systems design, a fail-fast system is one which immediately reports at its interface any condition that is likely to indicate a failure. Fail-fast systems…

Update from Amazon’s Main Image on Listing #160

Amazon Hacker

Update from Amazon’s Main Image on Listing #160 Message from Amazon “Thank you for selling on Amazon. Your success is important to us, and we are working continuously to identify opportunities to improve both the selling and buying experience.  Images that meet our Image…

How to make the main picture of my Amazon FBA listing stand out #159


How to make my main picture stand out Bruce got a new listing for a Pl Private Label product, and right or wrong it’s a copy of an existing product, but he made it much better. He is looking for a way to make his main…

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