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Monthly Archives: May 2018

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Creating Amazon Sales Funnels #134

sales funnel

Amazon sales funnels to bring external traffic to your Amazon listing As promised, today I will explain how to get external traffic to Amazon, using Amazon sales funnels. If you already have a funnel software that’s great, if not, the easiest to use is…

Creating an Amazon Super URL that works #133

Amazon seller tools

In order to rank your keywords to the top of Amazon search, you need to get conversions to those search terms. (episode launched without transcription services) Super URL episode must be listened to

Lower Your PPC Cost With This Tip #132

wrong order color

In order to have a lower pay per click advertising cost on your campaign this is what you must do:   Create 2 campaigns exactly the same run one during the day, and one during the night. Test the 2 and then let…

Amazon Seller Keyword Ranking Tip # 131

Real estate crime

To rank on amazon for keywords that in english are very competitive, try translating those keywords to the second most spoken languase in tthe USA Spanish! Add Spanish keywords to your backend and to your ppc campaings  

Piggyback On A Best Seller | E.p #130

According to Amazon, one-fifth of product sales come from the frequently bought together, so today I will teach you how to change the products that show up for the best seller. Find the best selling product that is in the same category as yours, but…

New Amazon Monthly Storage Fees and Long Term #129

Amazon seller tools

Amazon has changed and added new warehousing fees for the fulfilled by Amazon product inventory. Now, besides the long-term storage fees, you will also need to pay a fixed monthly fee for every item that is in the warehouse for more than 365…

Increase Amazon Conversions and A/B Testing #128

How to Increase sales Conversions on my Amazon FBA listings and A/B Testing #128 To increase conversions on your Amazon listings you can create a promotion, buy 2 get 1 free. Amazon will see that as a 300% conversion rate (Of course it will…

How To Get Your Product On A Top 10 List #127

Amazon product photography

I have a question about blogging and top 10 list or top 20 products lists How do I get myself onto these top 10 lists? Thank you, Adrian, for the question and the nice words. It is very simple to get your product…

Ninja Tip To Make Amazon Give You A Perfect URL #126

quin amorim

Amazon seller Ninja tip to get keyword indexed and ranking. Today I will just give a quick Ninja tip to be able to make Amazon give you a perfect canonical URL. How can we do this? Well, before you list your product you…

How To Sell On Amazon From Anywhere (Part 4) #125

Laptop Desk

Today we will be talking about how to create a listing that will help you sell your products faster and easier, how to get keywords and where to use them. I want you to remember that this series of 4 episodes is not…

How To Sell On Amazon FBA (Part #3) E.p. #124

e-commerce dropshipping

Part 3 of sourcing products, with Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, private label and creating listings to sell on Amazon Fba. Just to recap, I started by explaining in part 1, the differences between Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, Private label or simply by selling used or unwanted items you have…

How To Start Selling On Amazon (Part 2) #123

Quin money amazon

On the previous episode, I explained the 4 ways you can use to start Selling On Amazon. Today I want to let you know how to find the products, where to find the products and how to select them.   First, I want to…

How To Start Selling Online On Amazon (Part 1) #122

Amazon Hacker

Listen to the full episode where I explain how to start selling online

Should We Be The Ferrari of Cabinets or IKEA? | E.p #121

Quin microphone

Becoming the Ferrari of Kitchen Cabinets in Fort McMurray. Forest City Inc, is one of the top kitchen cabinet makers currently manufacturing and installing 100% custom cabinets. Fort McMurray is a Canadian city in the province of Alberta. Today I am asking you the…

How Quin Amorim Was Dropshipping in 1997 #120

Drop Shipping in 1997

Quin Amorim started selling products online in 1997 DropShipping on eBay. Yes Dropshipping Quin was living in Europe when he first discovered the power of selling online. While working at Daimler Chrysler he walked outside to look at some stores and found wooden hand…

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