Amazon Advertising With Brian Johnson – Canopy Management

Brian has sold physical products online for 13 years,
launched an Amazon-focused advertising consulting practice in 2015, and now managing over $250M in advertising. 

Brian founded several communities and companies related to Amazon PPC including Amazon PPC Troubleshooting community on Facebook, Amazon PPC Consulting Association, PPC Scope ad management software, Sponsored Products Academy professional training course, and the Canopy.Management advertising agency.


  • what has changed in the recent year for Amazon advertising,
  • what should large brands know about starting to sell on the Amazon channel?
  • can launches be done with only PPC
  • Conversion rate without reviews
  • performance of Old campaigns vs new campaigns
  • if I’m using 100 kW on an Ad and 90 are not getting impressions, is that ruining the other 10?
  • You used to do a discovery campaign on auto and then use that data for the manual PPC, is it still the best way?
  • I saw that you were doing something with Russell Brunson but I missed it, what was that?
  • Amazon charges me for ads several times per day in multiples of $500
  • Is there a way to see how much a competitor is spending or bidding?


Canopy Management, Sponsored Products Academy, PPC Scope



Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast