Amazon Seller App Special Features for FBA Sellers

What is the Amazon Seller App?

Amazon app is available on all platforms, from iTunes to Google play or Android devices.

The App is 100% free to download and you will never be asked for a credit card to pay for any other fees.
Once you get the app it will ask you to choose a country and ask for your Amazon Seller Central login.
Be sure to log in to the country where you are selling, although, after you log in, you have the option to select all countries where you have an active Amazon Seller account.

Now that you are inside the App, you will find a graphic with your sales. You can set this to show your daily sales, weekly, monthly or even the last 30 days sales.
On the top bar, it will also show you seller feedback your daily balance and the total balance since you last got paid.
(this is only true if you are already selling on Amazon).

Most sellers don’t really get to enjoy the full service provided by the Amazon App, because this is actually a piece of technological art!
Let’s get to more of the functionality because I am already getting excited to talk about these features.
The App will analyze your sales, fulfill orders, find products to sell, manage offers and inventory, receive messages and allow you to reply

it will let you take and edit professional quality product photos and will add a 100% white background on them, according to TOS
And you can create listings right from your smartphone or tablet!

The Amazon Seller app helps you: … Access your PPC right on the Advertising campaign Manager.
In here you can change your Ad budgets, check your CPC, track the ACOS, pause your campaigns or individual ads and you can even go as far as looking at all the keywords you are bidding for and tracking their profitability.

Contacting seller support is also possible inside the Seller App, and you have every single option you would see while on your desktop.

Did I mention that you can manage your FBA inventory inside the Amazon App? Yes, that’s right, you can!

Now, on the top left of your app, you will see 3 lines that will give you access to another menu… in this menu, you can choose what country you want to track or manage, here is where you can also take the pictures with white background for your listing (Although I recommend professional pictures)
And now that you have that menu open, if you look to the top right, you will see another menu in the shape of a gear!
This gear will allow to chose from all your accounts( If you have more than one, or even if you are managing a client’s account)
And at the same time, you can change the country of that second or third account and do all your tasks in that platform as well.

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Quin Amorim

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast

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