CEO of Buyboxer, a top 100 Amazon seller. Founder of Smart Scout and Host of the Smartest Amazon seller podcast. Scott Needham

Scott has been here before in 2019 episode 325 so you can check that one out after if you didn’t already.
Scott Needham is a top seller, and been selling on Amz since 99 but started FBA in 2009 ( so a lifetime ago)
Welcome, Scott.

  • When you were here in 2019 pre covid, you had  150 people working for you, how much did covid affect that number?
  • Scott, I saw a video you did, at the warehouse at night where you did a workout in fast forward doing all the tasks
  • How is Buy Boxer doing since we last spoke
  •  You developed a tool that is available to the public. Is it fair to assume it’s something you built for yourself originally?
  • This tool is called Smart Scout. We all know there are a ton of AMZ seller tools out there, but some are just copies of the previous one. How is SmartScout different?
  •  There’s one feature that I had a lot of fun checking out, and it’s the map of sellers per location. I found all my neighbors with that.
  •  Every tool now has a free online course included, do you have one too? (are u the instructor)
  •  I didn’t try the tools yet, but I read about it, can you explain the Traffic Graph
  •  What’s the arbitrage finder?

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