Selling eCommerce and Amazon Businesses with Chris Shipferling

Chris Shipferling’s Bio:

⦁ Managing Partner at Global Wired Advisors
⦁ advises and supports organizations of all sizes in selling their digitally native or Amazon-based businesses
⦁ also serves as the Head of Business Development, leveraging his background in sales and digital marketing to grow the Global Wired brand
⦁ Chris and his partners recognized a need that was clearly not being met by existing solutions on the market; specifically, sellers were not satisfied with the level of service provided by traditional business brokers

Questions for Chris Shipferling

⦁ What do I need to do to prepare my business to sell?
⦁ Common myths about selling your company
⦁ Wall Street’s view on selling your digital business
⦁ Who are the buyers of Amazon and digitally native brands?
⦁ How do macroeconomic conditions affect M&A for eCommerce brands?


⦁ unique Digital Investment Bank/Intermediary
⦁ Supporting digital and e-commerce business owners through the process of selling their companies
⦁ wealth of knowledge and experience in building, growing, buying, and selling digitally native businesses
⦁ closed many business transactions ranging from 1 million to 40 million+


Website –

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