Facebook screenshots of millions of dollars on Shopify or Amazon FBA are being shown daily in every entrepreneurial group.


These screenshots are often followed by attempts to sell online training, but they don’t make them a Shopify Guru or Amazon FBA Expert.

Every time a revenue screenshot is being shown, you must remember they are showing it for a reason.

The vast majority is to sell something!

Either selling online training, consultancy or to show themselves as an expert in a certain subject, so they can sell to you further down the road.

This week a 17-year-old “guru” that announced to be selling over $150 million per year on Shopify, was found to be a scammer.

This entrepreneurial guru, who shall remain unnamed had shown several times on Facebook groups his screenshots of millions that he was making.

Of course, at the same time, this scammer was selling online courses together with a very well known Facebook ads expert.

And, that is the scary part!

This very well known Facebook ads expert is the one that introduced the teen to everyone in his group, and added him to his training.

So, know who can you believe?

I say, do not believe anyone who has the need to show you screenshots, or pictures of themselves standing next to a Lamborghini that someone else just parked there.

Be very careful when choosing to do online training and focus on the expertise of the trainer and the value you have been getting from him/her.


I hope this helps someone out there.





Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast