How do you find customers for your social media marketing agency (SMMA)?

I bet if you search youtube you will find hundreds of videos of people explaining how they get their clients for digital marketing agencies.

But, I feel like there are a few ways that nobody talks about.

The reason nobody talks about these is that either they don’t know about them, or because they don’t want you to know about them.

One way is to contact big marketing agencies and ask for their “scraps”!

Yes, I know this doesn’t sound right but, as you know, the big marketing agency pick and choose who they want to deal with.

That is called “hiring your customer”

They do this so they can filter the good from the bad, and the bigger budget customers from the smaller.

Also, it is important to filter the customers that you feel you cant show results too.

Certain clients are way easier to achieve good marketing results, because of the niche they are in, or because of the product or service they are selling is a bit more unique.

You should contact a big marketing agency and ask them directly to give you leads to customers they have filtered and will not be performing marketing services on.

To be honest, they have no reason to say no!

But… you must also filter those clients to make sure you can get results that are visible in the short term.

You want the client to refer you to others as being a good marketer, and you also want to prove to yourself that you can actually do it.

If you get yourself into a job that is more than you can chew, you can always consider hiring a 3rd party marketing agency to help you out.

digital agency pricing (not mine)

social media and digital agency pricing (not mine)


Tip number #2

Go to your local job website, and try to find companies that are hiring marketing positions

If you see business A hiring a digital marketing manager or a director of marketing or positions like that, contact them and offer your services as a 3rd party marketing agency.

They have every reason to accept, as they will get the same job done, but for a fraction of the cost, since you will not be working full time on their business, and that allows them to not pay a full year salary to someone





Some of the services you may offer in your SMMA Social media marketing agency or DA Digital Agency

  • Dynamic Website design and development (CMS enabled
  • SEO Search engine optimization
  • Social media management
  • consulting
  • facebook ads management
  • Google AdWords
  • E-Commerce portal development
  • Mobile Application development
  • Digital Marketing Services – SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, Google Adwords


I hope these tips help you get more clients for your digital marketing agency

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast