Jess Chan is the founder & CEO of Longplay, a full-service email marketing agency for e-commerce brands where they help businesses nurture, convert, and retain customers.

Through their strategies, she’s helped generate over $8.5M in revenue through email for their clients.
Prior to Longplay, Jess was the CMO at an e-commerce company and she started Longplay to be the type of agency she wished she could have worked with.

  • Jess how did you get into email marketing
  • What services does Longplay offer, is it just an email sender like Mailchimp
  • 1. Why should ecommerce brands use email marketing?
  • 2. What are most e-commerce brands doing wrong in email marketing? besides not doing email marketing?
  • 3. What kind of companies do you work with?
  • How do you segment emails? do you have subdivisions inside each audience
  • how effective is it to use somebody else’s audience?
  • will you come up with the promotion ideas?
  • write the email copy
  • HTML email has the same deliverability as the ones that are only text based
  • Do you have experience with building ambassador programs?
  • You don’t have a “background” in marketing – how did you get to where you are today?
  • What have you learned about growing a service-based business versus ecommerce?
  • In 4 years, you’ve gone from knowing nothing about marketing to owning a marketing agency and working with clients generating up to $70M in revenue. How has your personal growth journey looked through this process?

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast