George Hartley CEO and Co-Founder of Smartrmail, Machine Learning Mail

George Hartley is CEO and co-founder of, a tool that helps eCommerce stores send better email marketing by using machine learning to personalize email.
SmartrMail stores sent a billion emails that generated $90 million in sales last year for their stores.
Prior to SmartrMail he co-founded Australia’s largest art marketplace, Bluethumb has raised over $2.5m, and helps over 10,000 Australian artists exhibit and sell their art to collectors.

  • What’s the backstory on
  • growing 10% month
  • What are the key things stores should be doing to grow sales?
  • What’s working in email marketing at the moment?
  • what type of email is working, full page, or 2 lines?
  • What’s the worst email marketing mistake stores are making?
  • How do you measure email as a channel?
  • How do you grow your email list?
  • pop up work?

Company: SmartrMail


eCommerce, growth marketing, email marketing, Shopify, marketing automation

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