How Can You Improve Your Sales Ranking on Amazon?

Sales Ranking on Amazon

Ranking on Amazon is done through a combination of sales velocity + relevancy to each keyword.

Relevancy is measured by the percentual conversion rate that users have to each search term, in your listing.

Let me break it down… When someone searches for Blue Pencil Sharpener (This is their search term) if that search term matches your keywords in the Tittle, Bullet points, Description, the 250 characters of the backend, and even your brand name, Amazon will show your product (in some page, not the first)

But if you are not selling Blue pencil sharpeners, that visitor will go to the next listing, therefore not converting (Not buying yours)

If your conversion rate for “Blue Pencil Sharpener” will remain zero, or very low, Amazon will not consider your product relevant to that search term, therefore it will not rank you high for that!

The relevancy rate added to the sales velocity of any item is what gives you high positioning for each search term. So, you can be number 1 for “Black Marker” but be on the 20th page for “Water Marker”

The ideal situation is to have only keywords that are relevant to your product, have a high conversion rate and high sales velocity.

The sales velocity is the reason why professional sellers do huge giveaways of free or 90% off product, so they can trick the sales velocity algorithm. Also by doing so, you are increasing the conversion rate because who wouldn’t buy a free product or a 90% off product? On top of that, if they search for your keywords “Blue Pencil Sharpener” before applying your 90% discount code, now your listing became relevant to that search term!

Sales Ranking on Amazon

Ever hearD of a SuperURL?

That is when you give the buyer a link, that already contains a search. So if they click your link, they are sent to Amazon and the search bar will automatically be filled with the keywords you chose. Back in 2016 Amazon, removed the option to use superURL, but now with Amazon stores, you can use it again.

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