Wholesale on Amazon FBA

I didn’t get any advice because when I started there were no free gurus!
But I’ve learned that every company wants to sell!

If you tell them (or show) you can sell, everyone will let you sell their products.

Always make sure to get at least 45% off retail value and always aim from products that sell for over $19 (because of fixed fees)
If the retail price is below $19 then bundle 2 or bundle it with a similar product.

For shy people, start with emails.
If you are a good talker, make phone calls.
Ask for a sales manager, their job is to sell, so they will understand where you are coming from.
Let them know you have a “professional” amazon seller account (we know everyone has a pro account, but they don’t)

Let them know you pay upfront (some companies say no, assuming you want net 30 payment).

After 6 or 7 orders you may ask for some payment terms.

Find products that the manufacturer sells themselves, but are not Prime (since they have distribution they do FBM instead of FBA) you can outsell the manufacturer selling his own product

If you don’t have a website, get one.

Get a simple a simple 5 page

When you email a manufacturer, put your URL in the signature.

They Will click the link to research you!
Make it look professional and have lots of related products.
If you are starting out, don’t leave the website empty, find products online and put those pictures on your site with the description, even if you don’t wholesale them yet.

Don’t worry, you won’t sell any if the site is new, and if you do, just drop ship it from Amazon.

Start with your geographical area so you save on shipping costs.

Drive around your city and take notes of every business that could potentially manufacture something.

Go home and research what they do, and get their contact information.


Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast