Today I want to talk about online advertising. More specifically YouTube Ads.

I’m going to start by explaining where the YouTube ads come from.

YouTube ads come from Google.

For those that don’t know, Youtube is a division of Google.

To create a youtube ad you need to have a Google Adwords account (this is the Advertising account)

This is where you create or design you Youtube ads.

Most marketers and most of these new agencies never even used youtube ads, because everyone always talks about how great Facebook advertising is.

And… they are great (for now)

But with youtube, I’m not sure if you were aware, but you can target your audience by, age, gender, location, likes, and even better, you can target what videos they watch.

Let me explain this a bit better.

For example, if you are selling a training course on how to do dropshipping from Aliexpress to Shopify.

You can play your ad in the video whose title is: How to dropship, or how to dropship with Shopify or Selling product from Aliexpress on eBay.

These are just random examples, and I don’t even know if these videos exist. But I know that if you search these terms, you will get a ton of videos that will show up.

Another thing I can guarantee is that if someone has typed in Youtube’s search bar, something like ” How to dropship from China to Canada”

I can tell that the person wants to know how to dropship, I can also tell that more than likely they are in Canada and more than likely they will watch another video next that is also related to this.

Therefore you can find your perfect audience by targeting the video, instead of targeting the person.

And now, the most important thing about advertising on YouTube

You need to know who is watching, why they are watching, and where they are watching.

Let me give you a good example of why your add will perform 10x better if you know this.

Every day before I get in the shower, or the jacuzzi, I turn on a motivational video from Youtube on my iPhone, take the waterproof speaker with me as I shower.

Now, if you have ever heard one of these motivational videos, it’s like listening to music. You don’t need to watch it, you can simply listen.

Here is what happens almost every time.

During my long shower, there is always an Ad that interrupts the talk. And in case you are wondering “why don’t you turn off the ads with Adblocker” It’s because I am a marketer, so I have a small addiction to listening and studying other people’s ads!

But, often an ad comes on and the only reason I know there was an Ad was that the talk stopped!

This means someone is displaying a full video Ad on a video that is not meant to be watched. There is literally nothing to see in these videos.

Just like when you turn on youtube to play music, but you are not looking at the phone.

So, that was a wasted opportunity, because if they would have spoken in that Ad, I would have heard it.

My point is if you are going to show an advertisement to sell wind chimes, on a video called “3 hours of nature sounds” more than likely nobody is watching the video. They are probably listening to the relaxing sounds of nature while doing something else.

So, if you knew your audience was in listen-only mode, maybe you could talk during the Ad.

These are actually great videos to advertise on because the person is not there to hit the Skip Ad button. But it only makes sense if they can hear the message.

And by the way, here are a couple more tips.

Some people play videos without sound, so consider adding subtitles or text to your Ad

You need to decide if you are doing pre-roll Ads that can be skipped after 3 or 4 seconds or the full unskippable 12 second Ads, or if you Ad will play in the middle of the video. Either way, you will have less than 3 seconds to capture that person’s attention with your Ad, and if you don’t they will be skipping it.


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