How to ensure your work gets visibility in the company?

Lots of people that listen to the podcast have a full-time job working for someone else, and in their spare time, they try to build an online empire.

Well, if you are one of them, you should know that, for one, you are not alone, and two, not everything is smooth sailing on either side of the workforce!

Meaning, being a business owner has a lot more headaches than you can imagine. But working for someone else that doesn’t see what you do, or doesn’t appreciate the hard work you put in, is also damaging you psychologically.


Oscar’s message:

“How should I ensure that my work and my contributions get visibility within the company?

What new skills do I need to move ahead?”


Quin Amorim’s answer:

Hi Oscar, Excited to be connected with you on the Career Advice hub and QA Selling Online

It would be nice to believe that most companies with great leadership will notice all the work you do, and you get recognition for everything you do…

But that is not true!

In the real world there are still lots of bosses that are not leaders, and since they are human, they tend to think about themselves more than they think about others.

I recommend being as active as possible in company meetings, giving feedback, sharing ideas and don’t be afraid to ask people if they noticed what you did. (but not in a needy way)

You may ask:

“Hey, what do you think of that sale I closed?”


“Did you think I could improve in that job I did?”

As for new skills, there is one skill that everyone loves, in work and outside of work:

“Being Positive”, about life, about work, relationships, about everything.

And, when you combine that the with REAL Hustle of bein the first to work, the last one to leave and always with a smile… you will go far

Start grateful, stay positive and always profit

Looking forward to chatting soon.

Quin Amorim

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