Paulina Masson is a software developer and a serial entrepreneur.
She has been a speaker on AMZSellerSummit, PrivateLabelSummit, Seller Sessions, European Seller Conference and many more live and online venues.
Her most famous talk is “Pricing Strategies for Amazon Sellers”, which was held as a private training for Illuminati Mastermind members.
Here is the recording:
⦁ Paulina How did you get into Amazon
⦁ You own a Software company for amazon sellers but you also still sell online?
⦁ What is shopkeeper?
⦁ it used to be AMZping, why the change?
⦁ That is a very strong domain, did you have to fight to get it or
⦁ You were for a short period a software developer at IBM and electronic arts in Vancouver, does this mean you coded shopkeeper yourself?
⦁ How big is your team in Shopkeeper?
⦁ Gift wrap most sellers dont think about it, but this is a charge back to the seller and its not small
⦁ Paulina, one of the things you are known for is reviving a dead product. Isnt it harder than launching a new one?
$24.99 vs 25

  1. Use coupons to provide compelling discounts
  2. Try sales pricing, but don’t expect too much
  3. Increase prices on items that are just below the Amazon free shipping amount
  4. How to use the free shipping minimum spend in your pricing strategy
  5. Use consumer psychology when working out the pennies
  6. You can drop product prices quickly, but only raise them slowly
  7. Understand your break-even point when setting a price for profit
  8. Understand the different types of Amazon customers and price accordingly
  9. Compete on pricing, but don’t try to be the cheapest
  10. Offer products to Amazon business buyers
  11. Carry out split testing to refine your pricing strategy


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