Today we will be talking about how to create a listing that will help you sell your products faster and easier, how to get keywords and where to use them.

I want you to remember that this series of 4 episodes is not an in-depth training, it’s just a quick explanation how to do things work and needs to be done to start. I still recommend doing research, listening to other episodes of the podcast and even getting second opinions on things. Sometimes what works for some doesn’t work for others

Here are some of the tools we can use for this.

Keyword.IO  – this is a free keyword tool that can pick keywords from Amazon, eBay, Google, etc

Google keyword planner –  this is also a free tool for those that have a Google Adwords account (Adwords is Google’s advertising platform)

Sonar – This is a free Amazon  Keyword research tool from Sellics. Sellics is a paid software that will do several things to help you, like track your expenses, PPC costs, sales volumes, profits, keyword tracking, indexing and position of the index (Meaning what position you show up when you search for silicone spatula) But we don’t need this yet, just the free tool called Sonar.  Find it at

Amazon Giveaway – This can be found at and it can be used to get products for free or give away your products for free. The reason you would do this is to create sales velocity.

Also on today’s podcast: How to create your tittle



Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast