MailChimp email campaigns

Do you recommend using MailChimp for a customer email list and for sending out email campaigns?

First of all, sorry for the delay in replying.
Someone send a couple thousand spam emails and I had to go through all, to make sure I didn’t lose Non-spam emails 🙂

As for the question, Yes, Mailchimp may the best option for anyone who doesn’t have a list yet.
MailChimp allows you to start a 100% free account up to 2000 emails.

This will allow people to test and play around with smaller lists.
After you pass the 2000 emails they will charge you $10 for every 1000 emails (including the first 2000)
One thing they don’t advertise is, that you can request a paid plan with under 2000 emails.

You can pay as low as $10 and have all functionality
This means you can have all the pro functions on the campaigns for $10 if the list is below 2000.
MailChimp also integrates with Click Funnels, Zapier, etc

Hope this helps and it’s not too late 🙂

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