Low competition and high sales product to private label

Looking for the right product to private label

“Hi quin I’m from Jacksonville, Florida.
I’m 55 yrs old, 4.5 year to retirement from Anheuser Busch.
I have a drop shipping business with printful.com my website: gorillawarwear.us.com.
I started this business to some of the working of e-commerce like ad on Facebook, ad words, social media.
I have almost 100 designs and I have sold 20 shirts and 6 of those was to myself. I started in February.
Now, Started listening to many podcasts. I got a subscription to Jungle Scout took 15000 dollars from 401k.
I wanted to take away any reason I have to fail.
Remove all obstacles. I noticed everyone getting started was looking in the 3000 A month profit model.
I figured if I look in 5000 to 7000 model, I would either fail big or win big.
But really if I go with the 3000 per month model I will have enough cash for PPC , pictures, and inventory for 2 months.
Now I’m just looking for the right product to PL.  Thanks for your podcast we the listeners really appreciate all you do.
Feel to discuss this on air.+1904864-8010 that my WhatsApp,  if you got a hot tip.
Take care.

Thanks for the excellent question Joe.

Less than 5 years to retirement, must be exciting! And from Anheuser Busch, a brewing company. I hope work is as fun as Peter Griffin makes it look on Family Guy series.

As for your website, I had a look and you have some cool designs, and every time I see nice designs I think of Merch by Amazon, since it is free and has already millions of customers. So I hope you are already selling your designs on Merch by Amazon, and if you are not, apply today to get invited. Just go to Merch.amazon.com and click the orange button that says “request invite”

Low competition and high sales

Low competition and high sales

Low competition and high sales

You said you got a subscription to Jungle Scout, and for those that are wondering there are 2 things you can get with Jungle scout. The Chrome extension that has a 1-time cost of $190 (for the pro version) and this is the most important part of JS.

Then they also have the web app, that has a  monthly recurring fee, and it’s where you set filters to find products related to your screening options. I don’t use this one, but I use the chrome extension every day.

For those that are interested, they also have free resources you can use, just go to jungle scout .com and check the tab that says free resources.

As for looking for the right product to private label selling on Amazon you mentioned the $3000 per month profit. In order to get to $3k profit, you need to have over $10k in sales. I think the average net profit is between 20 to 25% (net profit is after paying manufacturer, shipping, package, PPC, pick and pack Amazon FBA, etc.

It is not impossible nor hard to get a product that sells over $10k in the first month, but it is very important that it is very well sourced, and investigated.

My favorite are things that have low competition, even if the sales are a bit lower.

Low competition and high sales are of course the best, but it is also the most elusive option out there. Then people go for very high demand items with high competitions, hoping to take a percent of the sales.

And hoping doesn’t pay bills.  So I prefer lower sales with the very low competition:

There are a few reasons this is good:

– Very low PPC costs

– Very easy to get on the first page to get organic sales

And if you get a monopoly of a product that only sells 500 per month, it’s still a lot better than getting 1% of the product that sells 50,000 units per month.

So, the number one thing is picking the right product that has some demand but only a couple of sellers.

Of course, I don’t have a magic wand that will tell me what product this is! It has to be lots of research and thinking out of the box.

My advice would be to do an amazing product research and find something with decent demand and no competition instead of super high demand with medium or high competition

Low competition and high sales episode

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