QUIN: Welcome, everyone to the podcast. Today we have a guest who’s a YouTuber, an Amazon seller
Luke Wechselberger!

LUKE: I actually have quite a bit of time that’s why I like Amazon FBA because once you set everything up, it does take a lot of time in the beginning.

And on April 26, I made my first sale on Amazon.

  • And I see or I think it looks like you’re not sourcing things the way that more sellers are taught to source.
  • I mean 200 sales a month made me eleven grand or something last month on Amazon profit alone.
  • So recommend selling some smaller ticket items, learn what Amazon is all about, find a market where you can find higher ticket items with low competition.
  • That’s more important to me than actually making my own sales.
Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast

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