How would you make $100 in 12 days if you had nothing?

Question from Richard (actually its more of a game than a question)

How would you make $100 in 12 days if you had nothing?

Without complicating the answer, the obvious thing that comes to mind is to get a job for a day!

If you can’t make $100 in 12 days working at a job, then you need to move.

if you were looking for the entrepreneurial answer, then I would make a few ads on Kijiji or craigslist and offer to make dump runs with the pickup truck,

As a third option, assuming you wanted the answer to be related to some online technique, I would start drop shipping. Just get a picture of some product and start selling it on eBay or Amazon.

This would give me the money immediately and the customer would receive his order after 20 days or so, from China


And this is how I would make $100 in less than 12 days, lol





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