Should I private label and sell seasonal items on Amazon?

Seasonal items on Amazon.

Aaron asked,”what do you think about private labeling seasonal products?”

Seasonal items are the ones that do not sell year round.

Something like snow skis, snow shovels, beach towels, Christmas trees, etc

Seasonal products can be very profitable if the inventory is managed to perfection, your competitors have been studied in the past seasons, or if you have an option to keep the products that didn’t sell this season, until the next season.

Quin has one of his private label products has a seasonal item ( a winter item) and had some issues getting stock in time when he first ran out of inventory.

Having a place to store extra inventory, and having deep pockets is a must for those who want to private label and sell seasonal items or trend items.

Here are a couple tools you can use for free to track the sales history of any product available at some point on Amazon:

Keepa at

or Camel camel camel at


After the season come the special deals:

Some great deals can be found for people who do retail arbitrage (finding good deals at the stores and buying in bulk to sell online)

Or even OA Online arbitrage (online arbitrage is the same process of buying great deals, but instead of doing it at the store, you buy them online to sell online)

But they need to hold on to those items for 6 to 8 month most times.


So if you want to sell seasonal products on Amazon or any other location, make sure you have the financial backup or great inventory skills.









Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast