Quin Amorim The Story of 20 Years in E-commerce

Here is my story.

My name is Quin Amorim, I am an internet entrepreneur.

I sell on Amazon, I create private label products, I own a Amazon Management Agency, and I host 2 podcasts.
Eeverything may sound good, and probably sounds like life is always easy.

But in reality, things have been hard, and they still get hard sometimes.

Some of you already heard my story, I started selling products online in 1997 using dropshipping, this is at least 10 years before most people even knew the word dropshipping.

I was selling on ebay.com and kept selling on eBay, until 2007 and that’s when I bought my first website and because it broke so often, I ended up learning how to build websites and fix PHP and HTML.

From then on I would build a website or a blog for anything I could think of.

From 2007 to 2010 I built websites about everything so I could make money with advertising space and Google Adsense.

I built Website about my city, a blog about wine, a fitness blog, a juicing website, membership site, a couple of youtube clones, several insurance blogs, forex blogs, website to sell websites, you name it.

I got my own servers for hosting since I ended up buying 120 domains and having 85 websites online.

Then in 2010, I tried dropshipping again, using my own website, this time with expensive items and 1 week after launching my dropshipping site I had made $4000, but all of this involved a 100% manual process.

I would get the product pictures from the manufacturer, post on my website, create my description and price, and when someone would buy one, I would message the manufacturer for each order and give them my customer’s address and their share of the sale.

This was not scalable at all, and at the same time I never loved the process, so I hired my first VA to run this for me.

What I didn’t know was that my VA was slowly building the exact same business for himself, and mine ended up falling.

Meanwhile, I was all over the place.

I had a 6 figure job in the Oil industry where I spent 12 hours a day, in a remote location where I did not have any entrepreneurs to surround myself with, and I ended up spending my free time playing video games and slowly let everything go downhill!

To be honest it got to a point where I would rather be inside my computer than in real life, and of course, that affected my real life.

I ruined my relationship at the time, had to sell one of my houses because at that time I was paying 1.5 million in mortgages for 3 houses.

Because I didn’t know there was something wrong with me, I never tried to fix it, I was never diagnosed with depression or any other problem.

so, even tho I wasn’t aware, everything I had built until then was being destroyed.

Now, believe it or not, the thing that ended up saving me, was something that destroyed thousands and thousands of peoples homes, and billions of dollars in damage.

My city was involved in the biggest disaster in Canadian History (or at least the most expensive disaster)

A huge fire burned through the city, and the entire cite had a mandatory evacuation.

If you think this sounds insane, it was!

The entire city was jammed solid, gridlock traffic that would not go anywhere, houses burning, forest burning over the highway, people driving in the wrong directions, over sidewalks, over gardens, hours of lineups at gas stations of people trying to escape from the city… and the most shocking thing for me was turning on the radio to listen to what was going on, and hearing ” This is an unmanned radio station, the entire city is in mandatory evacuation, leave the city now” and it would repeat.

It was in real life, something that I had seen in movies.

So, after escaping the fire, the government didn’t allow us to go back home for 45 days. yes for 45 days nobody could enter that city unless they were part of the emergency crews.

so, for 45 days I and my family ended up traveling around Canada. We met some amazing people that ended up becoming like family, we visited attractions and drove 9000 km in a small rental car.

I have a 32 foot camper, that was actually ready to take camping, but my truck was low on fuel and since we couldn’t go to the gas station, we ended up taking the GMC since it had the fullest fuel tank.
But a couple days north of the city, we ended up having to leave our GMC, and Shell the Oil Giant flew us on their planes to the next city 600km away.

This is where we got the rental and started our journey.

During these days, I broke all my routines, I didn’t live inside my computer, I noticed how beautiful my wife is, I played in parks with my kid ( at the time I only had 1) and I developed an insatiable passion for learning.

I started consuming podcasts, documentaries, audiobooks and made some serious decisions in my life.

Decided to quit my 6 figure job in the oil Industry, decided to move to a new city and rent my house out, decided to sell another one of my homes, decided to really focus on the private label brands that I had, and start developing more.

Suddenly, everything was so clear, I felt like I was on the “limitless pill” for those who know the movie.

I felt like watching tv was a waste of time unless it was a Netflix documentary, I put waterproof speakers inside the shower so I could learn even when I was washing.

I kept hearing that “we are the sum of the top 5 people we spend the most time with” so I started joining masterminds and eliminated all the negative people from my life.

and if you didn’t know, this is 100% true. You will become the sum of the people you hang out with, so try to hang out with people who already achieved what you want, or positive happy people, entrepreneurial people, smart and passionate people, etc

Have you ever watched those movies where someone almost dies or something really serious happens and they start seeing the world differently or living completely different?

I felt that way!

I didn’t almost die, but everything was so different.

I used to judge people about everything, and now if it happens I stop myself and always try to see the positive and the good side in everyone.

we are all someone’s kid or someone’s parents! Everybody you meet or see walking down the street means everything to someone else somewhere.

So I stop myself every time now, and I use my time for positive things, like helping people launch businesses, e-commerce sites, Facebook ad campaigns, and raizing a happy and healthy family.

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast