Richard Fletcher, Dating Coach to Business Coach – Richard Fletcher #362, QA Selling Online Podcast

Richard Fletcher, an online coach who’s helped people to get to 20k of business a week or two, just by tweaking their social media

​Over the last 15 years, he’s sold a vast number of products online – from physical products to info products, to high ticket coaching programs and was even a dating coach for men


  • What was your first business or side hustle (not necessarily online)
  • tell what is a dating coach – people would ask you how to date or find a date?
  • How much competition is there in dating coaching?
  • How did you get into selling physical products and where were you selling?
  • how did you jump from the $500 coaching to your $5K course
  • Tell me a little bit about your business What is “magic sauce”?
  • What makes you qualified to tell people how to run their business?
  • How do you actually make money then? Tell us about the 10K in a week guy?
  • What about the photographer? Who even pays fifteen grand for wedding pictures?

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