What do your sales funnel look like?

My sales funnel is a fee plus shipping option, I created using Click Funnels.

I use a product I created with 2 variations to give away for free, and the shipping cost will actually cover the Amazon FBA fees and product cost.

The main reason for this free plus shipping funnel is to create sales velocity on my main product that will have an upsell page in this funnel.

After they agree to the free option and enter the information plus credit card, now I offer my main [product at a 75% discount (inflated price) with a scarcity factor and an urgency timer running out.

When the client clicks on add to cart it will be automatically paid for an order is complete.

Now they get to the thank you page and an option to verify the email so it is not in the spam folder.

Tha is how I create my sales funnel using Click Funnels



Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast