Scott Needham
⦁ Founder and CEO of BuyBoxer.
⦁ developed automation for selling on Amazon for 7 years.
⦁ currently, doing $60m a year.
⦁ Developed and launched a solution for auditing Amazon to secure reimbursements for sellers. That company is called Valence Services.
⦁ Has a podcast called “The Smartest Amazon Seller”
⦁ Primary focus: Data acquisition (APIs), Inventory management, Amazon Reimbursement Management, and product page analysis.

⦁ How did you grow into an 8 figure Amazon business?
⦁ How do you use Coupons when launching a product?
⦁ Where do you see the Amazon landscape going?
⦁ What types of Reimbursements does Amazon owe you?
⦁ What are some common mistakes that lots of sellers make?

⦁ Account Management and Ad Marketing Services.
⦁ deliver ever-improving results and exceed expectations with expert staff who know how to succeed in the Amazon channel.
⦁ A team of 150 driven Amazon professionals
⦁ BuyBoxer started out as a family run business. Has over 400 partners, 5 million products sold annually, and at any given time up to 100k different products in Amazon’s FBA program
⦁ selling on Amazon since 1999, FBA since 2009
⦁ grown to be the largest Amazon seller by several measures

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Instagram – @smartestseller
Website –

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast