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Selling Food Products on E-commerce Websites

Selling Food Products on E-commerce question from Kanchana:

I’d like to get advice on e-commerce. I have a product that I would like to start selling online. The product is food-related


Quin Amorim’s answer:

Hi Kanchana, Excited to be connected with you on LinkedIn Career Advice.

The easiest and fastest way to launch any product online is on Amazon (for now)

Amazon will charge you 15% of the gross sales, but in return, they already have 360 Million users with credit cards on file 🙂

When launching a food product there are several things that you should know.

– You need to know for sure that the product is safe for human consumption

– You’ll need to have a label with a description, quantity, ingredients, expiry date, name and address of manufacturer or distributor, directions of use, nutrition facts and even storage instructions

– Product liability insurance (this can cost a couple thousand bucks per year, but if you are selling in the US, there are risks of being sewed)

– To sell food-related products on Amazon you need to request to unlock the Grocery category (They may request vendor receipts or FDA registration)

Grocery and Gourmet foods is an amazing E-commerce category, but also very challenging and competitive (unless the product is unique)

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and I’ll try to help 🙂



Selling Food Products on E-commerce Websites

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