Selling on FBA from another country #154

I live in Canada and I sell in a few different countries with Amazon.

They make it very easy to sell on their platform remotely.

When I source my product from China, most of the times it will go directly from the manufacturer to Amazon FBA. The product is sourced and ordered from China, inspected before shipping and then with the help of a freight forwarder I ship directly to an Amazon warehouse in the USA or Japan, etc

The only difference is that when you have product returns, Amazon will not cross the border with your return product. This means you have to either have a 3rd party repackage it and send back to Amazon or just let Amz destroy it

I have 52 private label products in Amazon USA and only 12 in my own country. Not only that but the only time I ever saw my own products was when I received a sample from China (before even having my logo)

It is important to know that different countries have different rules, regulations and even labeling laws.

For example, in Canada, you need to have bilingual labels. ( English and French)

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast