Digital Marketing agencies are all learning from the same books the same courses and the same Gurus.

Why are Social Media Marketing Agencies SMMA Only Targeting Dentists, Realtors, and Chyro?

  • Lead generation for dentists
  • Lead gen for real estate agents
  • Lead generation for chiropractic clinics

Every digital marketing agency in North America is targeting these 3 professions and they are starting to get sick of it!

Some do it right and know how to cold call or cold email, but the spamming techniques from years past are coming up, from the new marketers who have taken an online 2-day course and now are using the techniques that used to work in the past.

Let me tell you something that DOESN’T WORK:

Trying to sell!

Tring to sell is the worst technique when trying to sell something, I know it because I was there for many many years.

Nobody ever is happy to see the “salesman” walk in the door.

Nobody ever gets super excited about receiving a cold email!

Nobody wants to be sold something!

People always want to feel like it was their idea to purchase something, or even that they need that something.

Your job is to mention the benefits of a service without trying to sell them. This is why the word of mouth is so effective, because it is someone else, doing the selling of the service as a 3rd party!

But… enough of this.

Let’s jump on to who else can your target audience be if you own or work for an SMMA Social Media Marketing Agency:

1 – Weight Loss Industry

I don’t mean the companies out there trying to sell supplements for weight loss, although they could also be a good option if the company is big enough.

I mean the surgery clinics. The clinic that is going to perform the Gastric bypasses.

last year over 250k gastric bypass surgeries were performed in the US alone!

Liposuction doctors, sleeve gastrectomy, etc

2 – Plastic Surgeons

These are in high demand and are services that cost an arm and a leg (no pun intended)

Ear surgery is actually the second most common plastic surgery every year in the US

Boob jobs (they are called mammaplasty)

Nose jobs, Lip fattening, Butt extensions (yes t is a real thing)

Lots of money to be made here and these customers are not a 1-time customer so they will have a high Lifetime Value

3 – It Companies

An IT company may be the client you get with the biggest Lifetime value as they can be valued from $25k to Half a million per 1 client!!!

4 – Bridal Shops

I thought this one would be the obvious one to all the Social Media Marketing Agencies SMMA.

The wedding is the second highest expense most people have during their lifetime.

For some, it is actually the highest!

And you are leaving out the bridal boutiques, bridal shops, and wedding photographers?

The average wedding in North America costs $25k, and some people do it 2 or 3 times in their life, lol

5 – Lawyers – Divorce Layers

Yes, these are great customers for the Social Media Marketing Agencies SMMA, because the cases are very quick.

This means that the lawyer will get their pay very quick and easy.

6 – Car Dealerships

These are great customers for the SMM Social Media Management

These are the old school business people that more than likely want to have a social media following but don’t know how to develop it and create engagement.

Also, you can generate leads for a car dealership very easily, as well as giving them some great local SEO search engine Optimization

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Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast