How to start a Podcast step by step.

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Today I have a question from James:

– Can you please walk me throw the steps of creating a podcast as if I knew nothing (which I don’t)

Okay, I will try to teach you step by step how to create a podcast.

First, this is to pick a name for your podcast and to see if the domain name is available for the name you picked.

I recommend using to buy your domain name because if you buy a domain name at Godaddy you will get 100 emails and phone calls from SEO spammers. And because Godaddy will charge you for anything they can, even if you didn’t know you subscribed to something.

Now that you have your domain and the show’s name picked you should get a WordPress blog to host your show and the show notes for every episode.

If you don’t already have a host, you can use any of the below hosts:



Download a free software to record your voice and edit it after. This free software that is used but most podcaster is called Audacity and you can find it below:

AUDACITY FREE SOFTWARE      Sound recording and editing software

Create an account on Blubrry so you can track your downloads and know exactly how many people are listen

I will be making a video explainer showing myself creating a podcast from scratch.




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