Author, Filmmaker, & Agency Partner at Vitals Agency

Also a Producer and Co-host of the Fizzle Show

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Questions for Aiden Fishbein

  • How did you arrive at where you are now; a successful agency owner and co-host of the Fizzle show?
  • What’s it been like to work with disorganized creative entrepreneurs?
  • What is engineered disruption?
  • Movie nightmare alley?
  • The emails you sent to the people who scrape your email from Linkedin?
  • How has your project retrospective process (post mortem) helped shift your perspective on success & failure?
  • whats one thing you have taught yourself?
  • Why is documenting wins more important than understanding losses?
  • Describe your branding philosophy, and what does “Step 0” mean?
  • Describe your personal development philosophy
  • Why do you believe entrepreneurship is inextricably linked to personal development
  • Why is this topic different/more important than most people think
  • favorite tools for the agency?
  • how are you generating leads besides ads?


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