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Launching with Social Media Influencers #162

How to launch products using Influencer marketing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube Social Media Influencers How to find Social Media Influencers that are willing to advertise your product, who to use, how to pay and how much to pay. Launching with Social Media Influencers Please make sure to listen, as today we don’t have show notes…
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How The Top Shopify Stores Are Owned By or Using Influencers | Ep. #89

Out of the Top 20 Shopify Stores, 18 Are Influencers Top 20 Shopify Stores If you are an online marketer or an online entrepreneur you know the importance of influencers Looking at the Top 20 Shopify Stores I can see that 18 are owned by Influencers and the other 2 use influencers to promote their brand.…
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How can I get External Traffic to Amazon | Ep #12

External traffic to Amazon How can I get external traffic and send them to Amazon? Find and use influencers on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Blogs! Contact someone on youtube who is somewhat related to the category you are selling in. I make sure the influencer is not huge yet I make sure the influencer is…
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