External traffic to Amazon

How can I get external traffic and send them to Amazon?

Find and use influencers on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Blogs!

Contact someone on youtube who is somewhat related to the category you are selling in. I make sure the influencer is not huge yet

I make sure the influencer is not huge yet, so I can keep the costs lower and be more profitable as he/she grows the following and the video keeps getting views.

On Instagram, I also try to find the upcoming “celebrity” related to my category or product, and I try to make sure they leave the post up for at least 1 week.

Make sure to measure social media influencer engagement, I look at about 3%

Always be aware of the fake followers (Bots) that leave comments not related to what is posted. A lot of users have fake followers to show huge engagements.

You can also contact the admins of Facebook groups related to your product and ask them if you can give away free product to his audience.

The last, but not least is blogs and bloggers. contact them and also offer the same free product giveaway for some of his audience and maybe even him/her.

Good luck and make sure you choose a good social media influencer strategy to help you profit and create product awareness.








Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast