How some “Successful” Entrepreneurs and Influencers are broke and playing the Fake it until you make it game!

The Successful BrokePreneur

What’s up, everyone! Welcome to the show. This is Quin and I want to talk to you today about the “successful brokepreneur.”

And this is a term that I just made up as we go.

But it is the fact that most of the successful/influencer entrepreneurs that we follow in social media are in fact broke or were broke not too long ago.

If you noticed every successful entrepreneur that you see that has the pictures of the Lamborghini, it has the huge mansions, the pictures of them on jets. And at one point, they’re going to tell you a story of how they went from being broke.

“Not too long ago, just a year ago, I was living in my friend’s basement” or “Just two years ago I was fifty thousand dollars in credit card debt,” you know. “Just six months ago I was still working at McDonald’s” or “I only left my nine to five two days ago.”

Well, the reality is we’ve been following these entrepreneurs, these successful entrepreneurs, these influencers now for two years and in reality, they just tell a story that six months ago they were actually broke and near bankrupt. And it’s so often that entrepreneurs come up, reveal these stories that they were broke not too long ago when in reality, you’ve been following them for longer than that and they’ve always had the Lambo and stuff.

Makes me think a couple of things: either all these influencers and successful entrepreneurs are in reality broke as we speak or maybe it is the fact that you’re renting the jets and renting mansions and renting the Lamborghinis just to take these pictures, maybe are taking a big hit on your budget instead of using that budget for things are going to benefit your business. They’re going to benefit the ROI of your business. They grow your company. And maybe then, it will allow this entrepreneur to be as successful as they actually tried to show themselves on social media.

Now, these things happen for several reasons: one is just for show because a lot of people like to show off; the other one and the most common is because that person wants to sell a course.

Now when you see (and this is just my thought) when I see somebody with pictures of the Lambos and stacks of money tied with elastics, I look to see what course they’re selling, immediately. And I get turned off completely by this bullshitpreneur.

And in reality, it shouldn’t be like that because there are successful entrepreneurs out there that actually have the Lambo because they always wanted one and they can afford one.

So they go and buy a Lambo. And because of some others pay for that. And in this situation, there are two things that I want you to look out for. If you’re looking to buy a course, there’s the one that I just talked about that you should be aware of.

The Guru with 3 months of experience

And then there’s another one that is the young entrepreneur that has three months experience in that subject and now they’ve created a course, they labeled themselves as the guru or the expert and they will be trying to sell you this course.

So don’t assume that everybody that has a big social media following knows what you’re doing or that they are financially successful because success is not only measured by the amount of money that somebody has. So they can be successful but we’re talking about financially successful.

That’s just something for you to look out for so you don’t blindly follow somebody else’s lead and instead, you can make your own success story by failing a little bit and then getting back up and trying again and split testing you know doing A/B testing on everything that you do. Doesn’t matter if it’s selling online, selling on Amazon, selling on eBay, Shopify store. It does not matter if it’s that or if it is a physical business where you are actually doing physical work and stacking the products on the shelves or dealing with the customer in person — whatever it is. You can you can build your own success.

And of course, take advice from people that have experience. Test it. Don’t just take the advice and follow it blindly. Even from me. If I say something that works for me, it may not work for you. So you test it. If you get a tip from somebody from YouTube, podcast, Facebook, it could be the best tip ever, it may not work for you. So you got to do a test. And then after the test, you see if it does work then like Gary V says double down, triple down on it. Keep Investing on what’s working and forget everything else.

Alright. So remember, start grateful, stay positive and always profit. That’s it for today. Have an amazing day!

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast