, What’s the most important skill or ability, to sell on Amazon?, QA Selling Online Podcast

Not talking about the best product, or the highest demand!

I’m talking about thinks that you cant see or measure, like feelings.

And I think it is passion for the business.

Not passion for the product, because I never fall in love with a product, just in case I want to terminate that product. If you watch the Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank, you often see people that were in love with a product or an idea, and ruined their whole life or bank account to make that product work.

I believe that we have to be passionate to a certain point, but we need to know when to let go of products or ideas that are not working and will eat our cashflow.

But, the passion I’m talking about is a passion for the business itself, loving what you do, love to research products ( I even do it for free to share on my IG now)

Love to update and create new listings, to upgrade product photography and even love for the competitors!

Yes, if you have a honest and strong competitor it is a great motivator to keep you going and give them a good fight, that is so exciting!

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast

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