A question from the Linkedin career advice coach. “Where Do I Learn Social Media Management and Content Creation”

The question came from Oyindamola “I want to work in social media management, marketing, and content creation, what would be your advice in terms of education?”

Quick answer:

I don’t recommend learning social media management, marketing, and content creation in college.

I believe all the training resources are out there for free on places like youtube or Podcasts, and if you want something more organized, then you can take an online course.

My actual answer:

I’m happy to see that you like SMM and content creation, it looks like it’s the way to the future.

In terms of education, I believe the best option is to absorb as much free information as possible for free resources like Youtube. (don’t lose yourself watching non-productive videos, lol) Or even taking an online course.

The best way to develop skills is to work for an agency and learn what they do and how they do it. I hate wasting time so I would probably do both at the same time.

Start your own in your spare time, while working for someone else Looking forward to chatting soon.

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