I am interested in working in Marketing or event management eventually, but a combination of the two would be perfect. I know you have experience in the marketing sector so perhaps you could shed some light on perhaps pitfalls to avoid in these early stages in my career.


Working in Marketing or event management Quin Amorim ✔️ sent the following messages at 5:32 PM

Hey Rutendo, The most common thing I see happening is people giving up too soon! We get to sucked into the results shown on social media, by all the “self-made gurus” and we start to compare results. In reality, it takes some time to see results, and we must first build a solid foundation.


As for the marketing and event management, I would try to get experience working for an agency for a year or so, and then create my own agency that would do exactly both. Event Management and marketing


Working with an existing agency (a good one) will show you the out of the box thinking and the customer lead generation techniques that sometimes we don’t get in books.

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