Selling online since 1997, Quin Amorim lets us know who he is and how he achieved his online success.

Born in Ontario, moved to Europe at the age of 5 (Portugal) and lived there for the next 25 years.
Then, in 2006 after hearing about the great opportunities in the oil industry, took the jump and moved to Fort McMurray.

My part time is creating eCommerce start-ups and online distribution channels for physical products.

The passion for the online market started in the late 90’s when I started buying wholesale lots on eBay and reselling in person. Then in the early 2000’s I did my first Chinese import of pocket motorcycles and sold half a sea can worth $7200 in a few hours, I knew this idea had legs to run.

Soon after I found the world of Dropshipping, where I could sell products that I didn’t yet own.
This technique involved contacting Chinese manufacturers and ask for high-resolution pictures of their products, creating a website, and start selling those products in the picture. After receiving payment from the client, I would order the product and ask the manufacturer to ship to my client’s address.
Fast forward a few years, after finding some great distribution channels online, I started creating my own companies (4 at the time of writing this)

I sell online using my own Shopify stores, a professional Amazon account (FBA), selling on Amazon Canada, USA, UK, Germany and Japan, eBay seller account (since 1997),, and

I love teaching others how to achieve financial freedom, by creating passive income streams.
My obsession is listening to marketing, sales, and online advertising podcasts (Thank you, James)

Launching 2 of my own podcasts in 2017:
– Q&A Selling Online (How to build internet empires)
– Milhoes na Internet (Ecomm podcast in Portuguese)

Rules I live by:
– The 3-minute task – No matter how busy you are, if you have a task that can be performed in 3 minutes or less, DO IT! ( do not extend this to a 5-minute task, because those most often take way longer than the expected 5)

– The Law of Averages
1 – You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With (By Jim Rohn)
2 -In order to increase your wins, you’ve also got to increase your losses.

– It Takes 10 Years, To Become An Overnight Success

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast