Hello, my friends.

This is Quin here and what an amazing, beautiful day it is today.

I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as I am because it is really sunny and this makes me really happy. I love the sun.

I love being able to go outside, walk and take the kids for a run. So there’s still a little bit of snow around, but I just love it.

Now, let’s get into the question that I have from Emily. And I did meet Emily in person and that’s actually why she wrote me this and I’m going to read it for you guys.

“Hey, Quin. This is Emily. I owe you a big thank you. After talking to you in 2018, I started a blog and started posting frequently some content to get SEO related to my brand. The funny thing is, I added a subscription box to the main page and never checked again until now. And even without a lead magnet, I got almost two thousand emails. But the most important part is that six months after starting this, I now rank on Google. I rank third on Google for my main keyword.”

Wow, that’s fantastic. The fact that you’re third and Google for your main keyword is really really fantastic. Thank you for letting me know, Emily.

And I actually owe you a big thank you for letting me know because these things it makes me really happy to know that I actually help somebody.

It does warm my heart as much as this sun is warming me up right now.

 Now, there’s something I do not want to spoil your happiness but there’s something that you said there, that you added the subscription box to the main page to capture emails and then you never check them again and you’ve got almost two thousand emails.

Now, the thing is without a lead magnet or even with a lead magnet I mean, it is super hard to get emails. I mean it’s not the easiest task there is. Right.

People are aware of this and they know they’re going to be marketed to.

So most of the times, you get fake e-mails and people just do not want to give up their information with fear of spam.

Now you got almost two thousand e-mails without a lead magnet, which leads me to believe a couple of things.

And if if they are real emails, I am super super happy for you.

But I want you to check because I don’t want you to go to AWeber for example and start uploading these e-mails or MailChimp.

And actually MailChimp after two thousand you’ve got to.

AWeber you got to pay right away. And I don’t want you to upload your list and start marketing to this list and not have anybody actually in this list. All right.

So I want you to check something within those e-mails.

I want you to check the first name of every one of those opt-ins. All right.

Now check the first name and check the e-mail itself.

Though every single one of them have numbers. All right. Now there are bots out there that are opting in to everything because they want to leave comments.

And There are certain blogs that only allow you to leave comments if you opt in or if you register on that site.

So what these bots are doing are registering for everything that has a box. And your subscription box, again, is the perfect thing for these bots.

Now what they do is they automatically generate names and they automatically generate e-mails.

So the e-mail could be something like Sandra 3678, whatever.

And then the name could be now Ralph 82X.

And there is no such thing as somebody named Ralph 82X, right?

Plus another giveaway is the fact that the e-mail is Sarah 3678 or whatever.

And the name then is Ralph 87X.

Now check and see if there is a first name and a last name.

Normally the bots do not give you a last name, so if there’s a first name and last name chances are getting better. If the first name has a number in there like Ralph 87X or I don’t know, Sophia 33 . Those are not names, right?

Those are… If it was the e-mail, I could still believe it.

But if you have an e-mail and the name and they all have numbers, chances are they’re bots. So I’m hoping, for your sake, I’m hoping that they are real.

I’m hoping that you have a really good list there.

And as soon as if they are I wanted to I want to tell you that you should get that lead magnet now to 10x, 20x that listing. Grow it super super fast because if people are landing there organically and wanting to subscribe, you have something really, really fantastic. OK.

Now another thing you can do to make sure your list is clean is have a double opt-in.

And I know that hurts.

It hurts conversions because people are getting more and more lazy and you know opting in once is hard enough but the double opt in, it will get rid of bots to get rid of all the people that are not really interested.

But more than likely it is bots because there is also one other thing that that happens and it’s some people adding other people’s e-mails to this list.

With a double opt-in, they will not be able to do that. And that’s it for that.

Now as for the SEO, now since you’re on the third page, sorry, third result so that’s first page, first page third result for the main keyword you’re going to start seeing a lot of traffic for that keyword coming into your site.

And Google really likes that when somebody searches for that particular keyword, they check relevancy by the amount of time spent on your site.

 So if the person lands there and they stay for only one to two seconds, now then your relevancy goes down.

If they stay there for a minute your relevancy is really good. OK.

So make sure that when they land on that page they’re going to find something really related to that number one of course.

I know it’s going to be because if it is your main keyword, that’s all you’re about, right? You’re all about that. So it has to be related to that.

So you’re going to be relevant to them.

And another thing you can do is check out ahrefs.

And that’s just ahrefs.com.

And you can see there what other keywords you are ranking for that you probably don’t even know yet.

And then you can try to optimize for those keywords and you can also check your competition. What is your competition ranking for that you are not.

Then you can see what you need to do to rank where those keywords as well.

Before I go I just want to give you one more little word of advice, is measure how much traffic you’re getting.

Hopefully, you have a Google Analytics account and your checking all those stats, who your traffic is, where they’re coming from and how long they spend on your site and all of that stuff.

Now, it’s up to you to decide if you want to put a “buy now” button that’s going to get them to check out on Amazon. And that “buy now” button, if you do decide to put it on your site, there’s two ways you can do it.

One is that’s going to redirect them to a super URL to your storefront or the second option is that you’re going to have an Amazon Affiliate tracking code to your own product. OK, so you can make an extra four or five percent. Now this is not because of the four or five percent. All right. This is so it’s the only way you can track conversions for that traffic. All right.

And that brings us to the end of this episode with the question from Emily.

So thank you very much Emily.

And to everybody else who wants to ask your questions feel free to do it. Go to qasellingonline.com and you cannot miss it.

There will be areas there indicating you how to ask questions. Emily, we should get together one of these days.

Have a coffee and do some masterminding because I love action takers.

All right.

Remember, start grateful. Stay positive and always profit.

Have an amazing day!

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast