Quin has been doing Intermittent Fasting to achieve a better focus and a clear mind.

This is Quin Amorim, host of QA Selling Online. And today, I’m full of energy because I’m doing a new special diet.

I don’t really wanna say “diet”, but anyway I’m doing intermittent fasting.

For those of you that already heard of it and know what it is, you know exactly how I feel and what’s going on. For those that don’t know, intermittent fasting is basically when you stop eating for a certain period of time.

There’s lots of ways to do it. For example, I downloaded an app just to track what I do. It’s called Zero Fasting. It just measures how long I’ve been without eating and then give me a period of time to eat. And you can start and do for example 16 and 8, which is 16 hours is the period you don’t eat and then you have eight hours to eat only. And then you can do 20 and 4. And you can also do 18 and 6. All right. So basically let’s say 20 and 4 is you go 20 hours per day without eating and then you can have one meal a day basically and go 4 hours. That’s it.

Now why am I doing it?

It is for several reasons. The main one is to get mental clarity and focus. So I’ve heard several entrepreneurs doing this. Some are doing 36-46 hours and they get an incredible focus. Their mind becomes super sharp. And they can, you know, be more active with their brain.

Basically their brain power becomes better. And I wanted that.

Everybody I guess wants that, right? To have a little bit more focus, to be able to be more productive and do more and better things.

That was the main reason for me. The second reason was of course with this, can lose some weight and get more energy as well, physically. So I’m going to do it for that reason as well. I’m on day 2 or actually this is day 3. And I wanted to do the 16 and 8. I figured that will be super easy if I don’t eat a few hours before bed then sleep, for example, 7 hours if you sleep… so let’s do eight so the math is easier.

If you sleep 8 hours, half of your time is gone already. So you be spent 8 hours sleeping, so you have 16 hours that you don’t eat. If you wait 3 hours before bed, now we’re talking about 11 hours gone, so you only have five hours of basically that you have to be awake without eating. It’s super easy.

Now, I decided to do that one but ended up going 20 and 4, just because it became so easy after beating the first day without eating, it became so easy that I was actually no longer hungry.

I just wanted to eat because of the addiction of eating and I wanted things that taste good but I didn’t necessarily… I wasn’t necessarily hungry. So I did 20 and 4, 20 and 4 and this is day 3 like I said . So I’m keeping that routine. The routine the app is tracking everything. There’s also a lot of tips when it comes to your health, what you can and cannot do, how long you can do it for, how many any days you can do this in a row – it tracks everything. It also tracks your weight. The only thing it cannot track is the brain power, the clarity the you get and so much focus. That is just fantastic.

Of course, I’m not affiliated with the app or anything like that but if you just want to try it out, you can do it. You don’t need an app, of course. You can track things if you have your watch your iPhone and basically that is it. That’s what I’m doing now.

So with that said, I still want to read maybe a couple questions here related to selling online just so I can stick with the theme of the podcast. And I’m just going to grab over here my email. Sorry I’m doing it as we speak. Here we go.

“Can you guide me on what to sell on Amazon FBA?”

OK. So I can guide you basically on what category to sell. I won’t guide you exactly on what product to sell. I won’t tell you go ahead by a silicone spatula and sell silicone spatula. I will not say that. But what I can tell you is that the research of what to sell is one of the most important things. I was going to say the most important but it’s not.

The most important is actually not losing money. So I mean that is part of the research too. So let’s say the research is the most important. Doing your research is where you’re going to find out if the product sells, if the product has the demand, if you can make money with that product. Those are things that you’ve got to look for.

So make sure you look at your fees. All of your fees. That is super important. So you know the product that you are sourcing is profitable.

So categories, there are so many categories. I can tell you which ones I personally would not get into just because of higher competition and safety things.

For example, supplements is super competitive. There are a lot of players in the game, but it is cut throat in the supplement category to start with.

So if you want to start and you’re starting out, maybe try something else. Another thing is for example the baby category, if you get into that, you gotta remember that you are dealing with babies. So if you are going to get into baby blankets, diapers, lollipops, whatever you can think of that is related to the baby needs, remember that the safety of the baby is very important, so you need to be very careful when getting into that category.

And the same goes with food. Gourmet and grocery food is the name of the category. Same thing. When it goes in or on a human body, you have to be very careful. Besides that, it’s up to you to pick the category, to pick the product.

The tools that I recommend on the podcast is the ones I use. And for example, Jungle Scout is the main one for tracking product demand, for tracking sales of competitors, at this point are not even in your competitors yet but you can track how much money they make, how many units they sell per month, how much fees they pay, if it is standard or over-sized.

All that kind of stuff you can check it there. So like I said, I’m not going to tell you exactly what product to sell, but I could tell you… there several episodes where I talk about basically how I source products, what to look for and that kind of stuff. And very important, how to make money with that product when launching it or after launching it.

Alright. So it is getting up to time here, so I’m going to read another one really quickly.

“What is something important to do when selling on Craigslist?”

Well, I don’t know. I’ve never sold on Craigslist.

I don’t think I’ve ever visited Craigslist, so unfortunately, I cant answer this one because I really don’t know. So maybe I’m losing out, maybe it’s something I have to check out. And maybe if you guys know something good about Craigslist, let me know.

Should I get into it if there’s an opportunity there? Just let me know. And that’s it for today.


Start grateful, stay positive and always profit. Have a great day!

Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast