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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Archive of posts published in the specified Month

Who Is Out There Saying To Not Boost Facebook Posts? | Ep. #91

Facebook Boosted Post

Boost Facebook Posts! I say Boost Facebook Posts and let me know your long-term results! Some “guru” is out there telling people to never boost a post because it is like burning money. It’s a complete waste, they say! Well, I say the complete opposite,…

Do You Really Want To Be Successful Or Do You Just Say It? | Ep. #90


How Much Do You Really Want To Be Successful? Today I bring you a story that was told by Les Brown in one of his talks, about how to be successful. A young guy wanted to be successful and rich entrepreneur. One day…

How The Top Shopify Stores Are Owned By or Using Influencers | Ep. #89

influencers and Influencer marketing

Out of the Top 20 Shopify Stores, 18 Are Influencers Top 20 Shopify Stores If you are an online marketer or an online entrepreneur you know the importance of influencers Looking at the Top 20 Shopify Stores I can see that 18 are owned…

FB Screenshots Of $150 Million Per Year Don’t Make You A Shopify Guru | Ep. #88

Quin money amazon

Facebook screenshots of millions of dollars on Shopify or Amazon FBA are being shown daily in every entrepreneurial group.   These screenshots are often followed by attempts to sell online training, but they don’t make them a Shopify Guru or Amazon FBA Expert. Every…

Amazon FBA Sellers New Email Policy Only 1 | Ep. #87

amazon 1 email

Amazon’s New Email Policy Only 1 per cart Amazon FBA Sellers A new policy for Amazon FBA Sellers was announced this week Now any Amazon FBA Seller will only be able to email their customers once per cart order. This new policy will take effect on…

How To List A Food Product On Amazon FBA | Ep. #86

Food category on Amazon

I sourced a food product and want to list in the Amazon grocery and gourmet foods category! How To List A Food Product On Amazon FBA Today’s episode is a reply to a question I received at QASELLINGONLINE.COM The question comes from a visitor…

How To Import Directly To Amazon In The USA | Ep. 85

canada-flag- Podcast

How To Import Directly To Amazon In The USA A question from Mars Bars: Hey Quin! Hope all is well! Love the podcast! Looking for some advice. I’m in the research phase for my first PL product. I’m in Toronto and get confused…

Amazon FBA Seller Tip To Save Pick And Pack Fees | Ep. #84

Amazon Hacker

Amazon Hack To Save Pick And Pack Fees Andy B has a brand new product launched on Amazon FBA and after adding pick and pack fees he has no profit! How to solve this problem? Andy, you screwed up the homework during product…

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