Boost Facebook Posts!

I say Boost Facebook Posts and let me know your long-term results!

Some “guru” is out there telling people to never boost a post because it is like burning money.

It’s a complete waste, they say!

Well, I say the complete opposite, in my experience.

First of all, every single marketer should know that you cant say something doesn’t work!

The reason you never say something doesn’t work is that everything needs to be tested, everything changes and every Ad is a different case!

You cant target with a Boost!  (Said one of the “know it all’s”)

Oh, yes you can!

You can use the exact same targeting techniques that you use in a regular campaign

Actually, you can even use the same saved or created audiences for targeting, retargeting and lookalike.

Another thing these Advertising specialists missed is that a boosted Facebook post is forever… Yes lifetime advertising

Even after you turn off the dollar budget to the boost, it will still be live


1 year after the boost, everybody that shared and commented will receive the 1-year memory notification!

How about that?

Free, lifetime advertising with yearly reminders (it’s like having an email list that you email once per year, and they remember you)

Do yourself a favor, go design a post.

Yes, design the post with a highly engaging image, highly engaging text, with questions and several calls to actions (never sallesy)

Target the perfect audience and boost it!

Then after you tested the results, come tell me how you feel



Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast