In October 2016 Richard Jacobs started The Future Tech Podcast and has now interviewed over 1800+ companies in artificial intelligence, stem cells, 3D printing, gene editing, bitcoin, blockchain, the microbiome, quantum computing, virtual reality and space exploration and more.
Richard also has 10 years of experience as CMO (chief marketing officer) of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc, a firm that has helped over 900 attorneys nationwide to improve their law practices.

Some questions:

  • What made you start the podcast in 2016
  • Why such topics when you were clearly working with attorneys for 10 years
  • It seems like the perfect guest for your show would be Elon, has he been contacted yet?
  • What’s your background?
  • Sleep apnea and snoring
  • To have submitted a patent on a pillow you must have something out of the normal?
  • What is different from any other pillows
  • is The Good Night’s Sleep Project just the pillow?
  • Falling asleep fast means I am sleeping well?


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