Amazon Advertising with Brent Zahradnik – Founder of Amz Pathfinder

For those who haven’t heard the last time Brent was here
Brent started AMZ Pathfinder in 2015 an Amazon advertising agency

  • Did you lose clients due to a lot of sellers not advertising anymore?
  • pausing ads and turning them on after 2 weeks
  • are you seeing lower CPC?
  • search volume over time with H10
  • how about number of impressions how are they for non-essential
  • a lot of sellers are doing FBM are they seeing lower conversion rate on PPC?
  • What do you think will happen when amazon opens the gates again?
  • You charge our clients a low base fee plus 1.5% of non-branded advertising revenue what does that mean?
  • In seller central ad management we’ve been seeing a notification about AMS
  • Brent, in one of my brands that is only 4 months old we set an ACOs to be under 90% just trying to stay close to break even. We want to grow fast and strong when we get to the top, am I going to suffer when I lower my bids?
  • I’m getting a high reject rate on Video Ads, any idea why
    45 seconds, no URL and don’t start with white screen
  • Amazon DSP
  • Abandoned Cart

Links to Brent Zahradnik and AMZ Pathfinder

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