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Amazon PPC With Brent Zahradnik Founder of AMZ Pathfinder #412

Brent Zahradnik

Brent Zahradnik Founder of AMZ PathfinderBrent started Amazon ads in 2015 and he already had a Google ads background. ⦁ The only guest to have been here 4 times⦁ Are you still in France?⦁ How many people do you have on your team…

Amazon Advertising Expert & Founder of AMZ Pathfinder – Brent Zahradnik

Brent Zahradnik

Brent Zahradnik Amazon Advertising expert and founder of AMZ Pathfinder3rd time on the show. I think this is the record Prime day was just a couple of weeks ago, how did it go? Do you increate CPC on special event days, or simply…

Amazon Advertising During Covid19 – Brent Zahradnik Founder AMZ Pathfinder

Brent Zahradnik

Amazon Advertising with Brent Zahradnik – Founder of Amz Pathfinder For those who haven’t heard the last time Brent was hereBrent started AMZ Pathfinder in 2015 an Amazon advertising agency Did you lose clients due to a lot of sellers not advertising anymore?…

Managing Amazon Ads Since 2015, Brent Zahradnik – AMZ Pathfinders

Brent Zahradnik

Brent Zahradnik In the summer of 2015, he founded AMZ Pathfinder and started doing direct ad management for brands selling on amazon. Fast forward to 2020 and he has grown the business into an agency with 12 team members. They still focus entirely…