Amazon Business, How free items really hurt my Amazon Business | Ep# 58, QA Selling Online Podcast

Amazon Business

Trying to help my Amazon Business, didn’t help at all

After my sea cans got super delayed, I thought all the bad news was gone, but unfortunately, there was more to come.

One of my vendors tried to help me, by adding an extra box of items to my existing order.

This box was supposed to be a free surprise, to let me see how great the item would look in RED!

Well… I don’t sell red, and my order went straight from China to Amazon USA.

So recently I started receiving more reviews than usual, and for a change, they were all bad!

I thought it could be a competitor trying to attack my Amazon Business, by giving a bunch of bad reviews.

But, they were all verified, and from different areas of the country!

Until I received the first message from a customer telling me they received the red item, when they had ordered black


Amazon Business, How free items really hurt my Amazon Business | Ep# 58, QA Selling Online Podcast

wrong order color

So, I called the manufacturer to find out what was going on, and she tells me they offered me 40 red units!

Now those 40 are mixed with all the other black ones spread across all Amazon’s warehouses!

I had to remove all inventory and send to a 3rd party warehouse to sort, re-tag and send back.

Not only that but I had to refund al the buyers that received the wrong color (1 didn’t even remove the review.


And I thought that was bad too! but…

There was a bit more to come.

My Amazon Business now almost looked like an amateur operation.

Amazon Canada decided to put an end to selling foldable hunting knives!

Yes, my number 1 best seller in Canada now was not allowed on the platform anymore.

I fought as hard as I could, but every single unit was put under Unfulfillable inventory and I had to make a removal order.

Now I will be sending all these units to Amazon USA, where they sell for half the price.

And, I did a search on Amazon Canada where the big players like Browning still have their items listed ( all other competitors are gone)


What else can go wrong?

Let me know how it is going for you?How is your Amazon Business going during this 4th quarter?






Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast

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  1. Hi, Quin; I am so sorry you’re having some headaches with your products. The story about your supplier “surprising” you with 40 free products would be funny if it didn’t have such dire consequences. Is that why they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions?!
    My rant is that I am a brand new seller (did some r.a) and had my first product ready to launch for xmas. It’s a DIY bath product. Sooo excited! Until I tried to ship. It has been stuck in hazmat review for weeks, despite my supplying them with the documentation they requested. I tried creating 4 other products — all stuck in hazmat review (I got smart and tried to list before actually investing in the products this time!)
    I get hazardous materials, but mine are not! They are innocuous ingredients and I see tons of similar products on Amazon:(
    Thanks for the rant space — happy holidays!

    • Hey Joan;
      Thank you so much for the comment.
      “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” Nice one, made me laugh.
      I had a few of my products get stuck for Hazmat review before, but the average was 4 or 5 business days to get unlocked.
      Mine had some keywords that triggered it! Things that contain batteries or are rechargeable are often flagged.
      So if you type: Battery, batteries, Bluetooth, rechargeable, amps, Lithium, etc. Those would flag products for Hazmat too.
      Yours could be the same, but maybe with different keywords.
      But, never took that long!
      So, I asked one of the Amazon reps what was happening and here is the reply:
      We are currently experiencing delays related to our review of products that may be considered hazardous material.
      I know that doesn’t help, but at least you know the resolution will come.
      I hope you get your Hazmat review done soon, so you can still get some of 4th quarter sales.

      Happy Holidays Joan

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