Lighting deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I set up several lightning deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (18 in Dot Com and 6 in dot CA)

During the lightning deals, I sat in front of the computer and juggled the numbers constantly so it always looked like the deal was about to run out of stock.

I did this by opening every single lightning deal during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, on all my screens.

Now I carefully pay attention to all deals and see what % of the deal has been bought.

I try to maintain the % above 70% and as close to 90% as possible.

I do this by adding small amounts of units to each live deal.

Some products that were selling very fast would require a higher amount of units to be added at once, therefore it was a bit more risky to keep the deal at above 90%

One was selling up to 140 units per hour during the LD on Black Friday

So, this is what I did almost all weekend.

Coffee, internet, sunflower seeds and lots of screens




Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast