Amazon Customer Insights

The 1 Secret That Can Change Your Amazon Private Label

Yes you read that correctly, this secret (not so secret) can actually change your Amazon FBA game

So, what is this secret?

The secret, that is actually not a secret, is something that Amazon Offers to sellers, just like Facebook offers to advertisers.

Audience Insights!

Amazon calls it customer insights.

Let’s start with what these customer insights are.

Amazon, just like Facebook has huge data stored about their customers.

Customers buying habits, how often they buy, how much they spend per visit,  where they live, categories that they shop at, etc.

Same with Facebook, except FB doesn’t sell anything (technically)

Facebook can tell you: The people that drink coffee, on average are between 23 and 65 years old, like cats, are married, went to college and like a FB page called “We love washing windows”. ( These are just random examples, and FB will show them by Percentage)

Amazon has the same kind of insights, but the targeting is more direct. Actually, it’s so direct that it’s retargeting!

Amazon will let you send pools to their customers, just like you would email someone on your sequence.

You can, for example, target someone that saw you listing for weight loss supplements, but left without buying. You can ask these people 5 questions about why they didn’t buy.

And… at the same time, they will see your main picture and a link to that product!

Now, how cool is that? (Manny would say: ” Pretty cool I think!”)

you can just send it to, let’s say 500 people that have bought your product before, and ask them what they liked most or least

Ask if the price is high, or what color they like the most.

You can ask the question, and give them 5 answers to choose from.

Amazon Customer insights

Amazon Customer insights (example pic)

Wow, this is amazong! (Amazon + Amazing) I actually did a domain search just now for and Amazon owns it, hahaha nice.

This is obviously a paid service! But… yes, there is a but. You only have to pay for each one that replies.

How many responses will I get?

You determine how many responses you need. We will help gauge the feasibility of getting your desired responses based on your targeting criteria. The minimum number of responses required to run an Amazon Insights project is 100.


So, what are you waiting for?

Oh yeah, you are waiting to know, where to find the Amazon Customer Insights link. HERE

Go to your seller central, to the performance tab (only works on the .COM site) use the drop-down and the last tab is:

Amazon Customer Insights

From here you will be able to see it by yourself, as it is self-explanatory.


I hope this helps you, as this is the best tool released by Amazon, besides the AMS and PPC







Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast