What Is Merch By Amazon And How Can I Join

Christie wanted to know more about the Amazon T-shirt printing program “Merch By Amazon”

This is the free module Amazon has to allow you to design T-shirts for them to sell.
You design a t-shirt and upload to Amazon Merch, you decide the price of each shirt, and you also write the text that describes each shirt.
As a result, Amazon will give you a royalty of every cent above $11.51.
For example, if you make a T-shirt that just says ” I love to play outside” and list it for sale for $40, Amazon will give you $28.49 every time a shirt sells!
All of this is 100% risk-free, as you will never have any expenses, and… Amazon will not allow you to sell at a loss!

Merch by amazon

Merch by Amazon

To Join the Amazon Merch platform you need to be invited, but you can request to be invited.

Go to www.merch.amazon.com/landing and click the orange button that says ” request invite”
Sometimes it could take up to 6 months to receive an invite from Amazon, but it can also happen in less than 24 hours, just like it did to my sister Ann.

In order to create designs to Amazon Merch, you will need to have at least 1 of 3 different kinds of software. I use Adobe Illustrator
You can find Adobe Illustrator Free Demo Here and if you decide to buy after it expires it will cost $9.99 every month.

Upon joining, Merch will give you free templates you must use to create your designs using this template.

You can design T-shirts with only using the front or t-shirts with front and back designed.

In order to learn as you go with Merch By Amazon, I recommend joining Facebook groups, one of them which is actually called Merch By Amazon and run by the Tee master “Chris Green”

I hope this helps you get started with Merch by Amazon

In Addition, it helps you start a free business selling T-shirts that generate you some profit





Quin Amorim, Host of Amazon FBA Selling Online Podcast